Introduction to Zazen


First Wednesday of the month, 6:30 pm
No preregistration required
No cost (donations welcome!)


Join us for a free, informal workshop for those who have some curiosity about Zen practice, those who have been reading and want to take the next step into actual practice, those who are experienced Zen practitioners new to Milwaukee, and students with papers to write.


Learn how to sit in the appropriate posture for zazen (seated meditation) on the cushion, kneeling supported by the cushion, or on a chair. Then try sitting for a period of zazen, simply maintaining upright posture and letting go of thoughts. You’ll also learn our style of kinhin (slow walking) between periods of zazen.


In addition, we’ll take a look at etiquette in the meditation space, the items found on the altar, and the role of the various bells and percussion implements within our practice. The evening concludes with cups of tea for those who wish, and a sharing of observations about the experience of zazen. There’s also time for your questions about the Zen Center and our schedule or about practice in general.