A sesshin is a time-honored opportunity within the Zen tradition to experience a concentrated and extended practice of zazen. The word itself may be translated as “collecting the heart/mind” and during full days that include many periods of zazen interspersed with services, meals with oryoki, dharma talks and work periods, we do just that. We sit quietly in the long silence, letting go of thoughts, letting go of ideas, letting go of suffering. A sesshin is traditionally three, five or seven days in length, although the Milwaukee Zen Center also offers two-day sittings eight times a year.



Rohatsu Sesshin


Within our tradition of Soto Zen, we celebrate the Buddha’s Great Awakening each year on December 8. In honor and memory of his long seated meditation under the Bodhi Tree, we a schedule a three-day sesshin on the weekend closest to December 8th. With the addition of a full day on Friday, the schedule is the same as that for our two-day sittings  Rohatsu Sesshin is a time of re-dedication to our practice and of gratitude for the deep wisdom and compassion of the Buddha. Learn More